Understanding the Customer Purchase

Service Organization Strategies, Inc. (S.O.S.) can help you by providing business, service and marketing consulting, including the following steps that are part of our Customer Interaction Consulting:

  • Attract the prospect

    Marketing materials, web site, newsletters

  • Interact with the Prospect

    Marketing materials, web site, customer service/call handling, sales rep conversations

  • Informed Business Discussions

    Engage in informed business discussions with the prospect about their challenges to determine the right solution and if you’re a good match for each other

  • Aid Decision-making

    Help the customer come to the obvious choice – your company

  • Service and Support

    Service and Support the customer after the sale with excellence

When a customer makes a purchasing decision, they are most likely comparing solutions that are very similar. What differentiates the solution is the company they buy it from.

Is your company unique enough in how it interacts with its customers to win the business or to charge more for its solution?

In a difficult economy, buyers can be much choosier. Solution providers have to work harder to show up-front that they are the best and obvious choice.

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