• Looking Forward

    To evaluate new opportunities and growth that you can capitalize on

  • Looking Back

    To see where you’ve been successful and what lessons can be learned

  • Looking Above

    To understand the overall corporate objectives and direction

  • Looking Below

    To see the skill sets and new ideas of your employees

Based on your needs, S.O.S. will customize its services to best assist you with your challenges, be they in sales, services development, marketing, or partnering. In addition to offering these customized services, we will provide you with recommendations on how to grow your model to its most profitable state.

Our company is focused on helping high technology companies address the question: “How can I guarantee that my customers and prospects look to me for help with their IT environment for the long-term?” A long-term, continuous relationship with your customer is the goal. Providing value through the right solution, understanding the customer’s business needs and challenges, and providing the ultimate customer experience are the answers.

Services such as asset management, event and availability management, managed services and service level agreements promote the efficiency of a customer’s operations, adding value at each interaction and building your brand loyalty with that customer.

Shortening the sales cycle by asking the right questions helps both you and your customers become more successful more quickly. Asking your customers or partners to participate in advisory councils to get their candid feedback on how you can better perform builds and rewards loyalty. But how do you get to this point profitably?

The model behind our services is to understand your business environment so as to develop a unique solution that drives your success in today’s market and gives you a competitive edge.