Changing Sales Behavior

Sales Behavior Modification System

  • Salesforce Performance

    Is your sales force performing to your business needs today?

  • Downsizing

    Are you downsizing because of lack of sales or profitability?

  • Performance Analysis

    Is there a gap between where your organization is today and where you’d like it to be (i.e. number of accounts, profitability, deeper account penetration)

  • Shorten Sales Cycle

    Would you like your prospects to present your solution, answer their own objections, and financially qualify themselves, shortening your sales cycle?

  • Productivity & Efficiency

    Would you like to increase your sales force’s productivity and efficiency, while achieving revenue goals?

Sound Familiar?

We have found that these same executives encounter the following types of sales behavior challenges:

  • Long sales cycles, where the prospect continues to delay closing the deal by coming up with one objection after another
  • Providing free consulting by providing detailed Requests for Proposals (RFPs) or engineering time, all costing your company time and money
  • Discounting the price because the prospect took the project out for bid
  • Losing the sale to the competition in the 11th hour

Are you encountering these challenges? Is what you are doing today working for you? If not, it might be time for sales behavior modification.

Most sales organizations have been through several different traditional sales methodologies, all of which are somewhat successful. Initially, your sales people change their way of selling but eventually, when they don’t have continued success, they fall back into their old ways of selling.

Unfortunately, your prospects have figured out these methodologies and have found ways to deflect your sales people. Your sales force then becomes very frustrated.

S.O.S.’ Sales Behavior Modification System™ (SBMS) ensures success by enabling your sales person to get the prospect engaged while maintaining control of the prospect’s buying cycle. This is achieved through understanding human behavior, including the prospect’s thinking process, why buyers resist, and understanding your own defense mechanisms against making change.

Your company can then become the obvious choice.