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service organization strategies, inc

Service Organization Strategies, Inc.

Helping Your Business Become the Obvious Choice

Every business wants to be the obvious choice of its prospects and customers. How do you make this happen for your company?

In over two decades of working with large and small companies, Service Organization Strategies, Inc. (S.O.S.) has found that customer purchase decisions are driven by the number and quality of the impressions your company leaves, whether it’s through interactions directly with your employees or through your channel Partners.

Our Services

  • Services Marketing for Vendors
  • IT Marketing as a Service (IT MaaS) for Solutions Providers
  • Services Sales Development
  • Service Offering Development
  • Advisory Council Development
  • Channel Partner Program Development
  • Customer Interaction Consulting
  • Group Speaking, Facilitation and Workshops
  • Sales Behavior Modification
  • 1NService Champion and Leader

Ask Yourself These Questions…

  • Your Message to Prospects and Clients

    Do our social media, blog, website and other content  marketing  focus on the challenges our prospects face in today’s business environment and the value we can provide in addressing those challenges?

  • Sales Channels

    Do we have the right relationships with our business partners to expand our reach to a more diverse client base? Do our sales channels have business-focused discussions with our customers or do they lead with the product and a slide deck?

  • Communications

    Are we staying in touch with our prospects and customers on a consistent basis to build awareness and strengthen the value we bring to our customers?

  • Employees & Partners

    Are our employees and Partners empowered to “do the right thing” for the customer within reasonable parameters?

  • Training

    Have our employees been properly trained to answer the phone and speak with a customer? What about our Partner community?

Why Do Companies Lose Business?

business consultingEverything your employees, company and Partners do is considered marketing because you are leaving impressions with customers and potential prospects about your brand. Even if one employee leaves a bad impression, you jeopardize current and future business. Or, you lose the business to a competitor who left a better impression with a prospect without understanding how that happened.

Did you know research shows that by the time a prospect has reached out to you, they are 60% of the way through the sales process? In these challenging branding times, where options are at our prospects’ fingertips (literally), staying in contact  with your customers is critical to demonstrate value, viability, continued commitment to support and service, and new approaches to solution development.

What you and your employees say at these contact points, whether in email, your web site, newsletters, literature, on the phone, or in person, is part of your company’s branding. This is what the customer is buying. This is what differentiates your company. Or not.

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